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Baby fishes! July 31, 2008

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Ok so I never told you this but we have 1 dog and 2 fish our 2 fishes just had 9 babies. We named the parent’s Lucy and Lulu ( Already named), and the babies we pinned so far are Dark Vader, Luke, and Lola. Luke and Dark Vader were my choice and are baby cousin got to name one and my sis- zilch.

We have to put them in a net breeder or in their own aquarium. If we put them in a seperate aquarium and it doesn’t have a filter, change 20% of the water twice a day and replace it with water from the parent aquarium. If it does have a filter, we have to make sure it is a sponge filter, or cover the filter intake with a piece of panty hose to keep the babies from getting sucked in. We can feed the babies once or twice a day with powdered flake food. We have to put some flake food in a ziplock bag and smash it between our fingers until it becomes powdered. Then, dip the tip of a toothpick in the water to wet it, then into the powdered flakes, and back into the water to feed the babies. When a baby dies, we have to remove it immediately because it will foul the water. After about a month, they should be larger than the parent’s mouths and able to go back into the parent aquarium. *faints* MOM is going to petco RIGHT NOW. Mom, if you are reading this stop reading and get the dang fish food !!!!!!


Ghosts July 15, 2008

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I meant to post this on Saturday but I was too lazy to do so.

 Do you belive in ghosts? I do. Why? Because there is proof. How can you tell it’s real? I seen it. SO anyways I was visiting my dad (Parents are divorced so I visit my dad on Saturdays)  and we got on the subject of ghosts. Are they real?

Dang it! July 15, 2008

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Weird title, Bad day. My best friend just called and said shes moving! She’s called me 4 times today and this is the first time she mentioned it! Bella has been my friend since I moved here and we have had un countable sleepovers together. It’s gonna be hard to keep in touch because she doesn’t have a computer. Shes moving a couple miles away. If you have seen Total Drama Island you would get that me and Bella are like Katie and Sadie. She’s going to another school and I have to make another replacment friend! My friend who I call crazy’s replacment is Shanti, and Kelsey’s is my other friend and Shanti hate me Tara is spoiled and me and Kelsey don’t keep in touch that much! My like whole social calender is like ruined! (jk) On the tiny pright side there is a 20% Chance she won’t be moving. out of 200% 😦

Good bye Izzy

Zoe 😥

Happy summer! (Or winter for the other ppls) July 13, 2008

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Are you havin a good summa/winter? I ♥ Summer. It rocks. Yesterday went to the beach and went body bording (boogie boarding as I call it) . Nothing can beat Californa summers. NOTHING. I also went horsebacking and rock climbing. Last time we went horseback riding my sis got bucked off her horse. She is always roped to the dude who shows us the path.Rock climbing was fun cuz we did it outside with no ropes. Our dad was spoting me and my sister. He climbed it too. There was the steep wall the rocky wall and the one with holes in it. I climbed the rocky wall and the wall with holes. This is boring ain’t it? Well I am going to save up for a vid camera and make youtube videos and post them here. They are gonna be awesome too.

Cheese + Pie = ♥


What’s up? ( Well like duh the sky ) My first run on day post June 19, 2008

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Hello people of earth!

 So I am working on this blog again (it’s not like I stopped but in some world it’s raining there’s a girl who looks just like me lives’s on the east coast have a perfect life with snow all the time , quit blogging and invented a type of shoes but let’s face it. Never gonna happen. ) So I have decided to post random things!

Fred goes


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEqwKNNQBwc <<< clicker’s (or else)


Swimming. The mother of summer. Everybody (except wheel chair and crutches peoples) seems to swim. I love swimming. In CA, it gets up to 103, maybe 110. I don’t suffer from heat like alot of people. I never burn and it never seems hot.  Sometimes the weather is dreadful. You could be bacon.

 Well today I played fashion desginer. I took my sewing kit and sewed up my nightshirt. It’s a big white man’s shirt that I stole from my grandpa cuz it’s comftorble and it had a hole in the stomach. I decied to sew it up with the sewing kit I got for Christmas and it doesn’t look so well. It’s all bunched up and ugly but I am weaqring it inside out so it looks good. Lesson learned: Never sew something up if you are still wearing it.

To be countinued…



Advice page May 18, 2008

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I made the advice page….

Man, I need more hits 😦

Ice skating ghosts who have piczos, delete pages, and update April 13, 2008

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Yeah my computers been busted for a while so I’m gonna make a huge post and post all about it.

 First of all: Ice skating.

I am a truly amazing ice skater and I need $1,200  For a full summer of ice skating lessons.


Oh so sad.

I learned this weekend to do a double toe loop a backwards double toe loop and this awesome spinny thingy that painful to do on rental skates.

I am gonna start my own Wikihow on this blog. It will show the esatils and how to’s for sports and stuff.  It’ll be awesome.

Do you belive in ghosts? There are so many types of outrages stories and videos for ghosts.

I think that creppy girl that lives across the street (Carla) is one.


Theres so much proof that could be fake and or real.

*creepy music*

Pages: I delted the shop. I am gonna replace it with the advice page

Suprises: I have a piczo!

It’s gonna be as good as this and I promise I am not switching.

On that there is random themes. Right now the themes rain.

OMG! I just noticed something! THE RAIN IS WET!
Blondes are awesome.

So there is my ice skating stuff, ghosts, pages, piczos, and updates.

– Zoe ♥

Spring break March 30, 2008

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Sorry I haven’t been posting. I have been on Spring

break and today is my LAST day. Spring break shouldn’t

die! The school fairy is evil 😡


Sorry I am writing in super, big, text but all the words on

my computer are very small and I can’t read them!

 Well, anyways have a happy March and see you in April!

PS. There is a suprise for this blog coming soon.

Zoe ♥

I fall up the stairs. March 23, 2008

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Happy Easter!

   LOL! I just finished our brunch for easter and I was putting my plate away and my sandals did something and I fell up the stairs. I personly think it’s funny.

  So anyways I got a GIANT  stuffed lamb. It has huge feet and is really fluffy.

   Anyways I am thinking about asking my mom to get me a new webkinz or something.

– Zoe

PS. Please, If you have a heart advertise

Katie and Jessica March 23, 2008

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Have you see Horton hears a Who?
Katie is my fav chacter. Here are 3 vids from Horton: